Thursday, 3 February 2011


Today I wondered what was disturbing our dog Sam and causing him to bark.  When I went to investigate it was not his usual target of another dog in the street, it was this lace monitor (goanna) in the lilli pilli tree by our verandah.  So I ran and got the camera to fire off a couple of shots before the goanna quietly turned and hid itself among the branches of the tree.

But that was not the end of the adventure.  When I returned a short times later after checking the mail box, Sam ran up and cornered the lizard behind a lounge chair in the house.  The doors were wide open to try to cope with the hot weather and Mr Goanna had decided to check us out.  It took a bit of coaxing but we eventually got it out, back where it belongs.  None of us were injured during our encounter.

It's amazing where photo opportunities present themselves.

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