Saturday, 26 February 2011

St Andrews Cross Revisited

I spent an hour yesterday trying to improve on Thursdays photo of a St Andrews Cross spider.  It is a small juvenile and has itself positioned in an awkward spot because of the surrounding branches and the pot the lemon tree is growing in did not help in getting the camera into the right posistion.  Because I had to set the tripod centre post at 90degrees so the camera could be positioned over the pot, I then had to adjust each tripod leg individually in order to set the camera at the correct height which was tedious and frustrating.

This time I made sure the camera sensor was as near as I could to being parallel to the web and consequently the spider in an effort to have even sharpness over the subject.

Again I used the car window sunscreens to even out the bright sunlight and and am more happy with the result.

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