Monday, 31 January 2011

Dunlop Factory

Went to the Dunlop Factory yesterday (Sunday) with a friend to take the opportunity to photograph there before it is gone forever.  I understand it is going to be demolished very soon and it gave me a good reason to get out with my camera.  The factory has been a favourite spot for graffiti artists and consequently photographers but like the Glebe tramshed will soon be redeveloped.

I did have trouble getting my head into a creative zone but managed to take a couple of potential competition entries.  I used the opportunity also to experiment and practice using exposure compensation as well as shooting in jpeg instead of my usual choice of RAW.  The results were pleasing but where windows are included the exteriors are unfortunately blown out.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Monday night at Camera Club

I was able to achieve a Credit at our camera club with this photo captured in Chinatown late last year which pleased me as I had made a connection with a small group of street people and it was interesting to talk to them and hear one talk about her sad life.  This guy actually performed a short dance for me to try out the video on my new 7D.  I spent a lot of time  to achieve the effect I wanted in the photo and for me, the eyes have it.

Revisiting this photo also reminded me that my life is not hard by any stretch of the imagination.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Tonight's Club Meeting

I have just finalised the printing and mounting of two prints for tonight's competition.  They are both a bit artistic and not entirely reflective of my style but who knows? I might learn to like it.  I have always prefered sharp, contrasty images but these two move that to a new level.  Let us see how they are received.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Where to Begin?

This is the start of a new adventure for me and I hope will help to reinvigorate my interest in photography.  Coming from a structured corporate world where the attention was on constantly striving for improvement in how management and provision of practical service and positive results were achieved, it was a shock to me to become involved in the self centred world of amateur club photography.

This Blog signifies a new begining.  No more negativity, this Blog is a means to record and measure the progress on my New Year's Resolution to focus (is that my first joke?) on photography and the pleasure it can bring, both to the photographer and those who view the final work.  I thank my friends who have encouraged me to persist where I would otherwise have walked away.

About Me

This Blog is about my journey as I try to rediscover photography and all it's pleasures. I took up photography with a passion following my retirement from work and have had ups and downs as I aspired to learn and become the best photographer I could be. I have no interest in becoming a professional in the field, merely that others may enjoy the results of my achievements.