Monday, 21 February 2011

Garden Spider

I have been watching a spiderless web off our back verandah for some time and promising myself each day for about a week to check it out at night when the spider would be at home as it was obviously a nocturnal type.  This was evident because the web would show definite signs of damage through the day or be almost nonexistent and the next day had obviously been reconstructed during the night.

So last night I checked it out and, sure enough there was someone at home.

The challenge was, the spider was 2/3 of the way up the glass balustrade around the first floor verandah about three metres off the ground, with its web anchored to the clothes line, a tree and a wall.  Whilst I could have squeezed myself between the web and the balustrade in order to use a macro lens, the frame of the clothes line blocked off that access and I could not remove the frame without destroying the web.

I did consider shooting through the glass but decided that would cause too much of a problem by reflecting the flash.  So I decided to use the Sigma 80-400 and shoot from the ground.

I'll be back again tonight and, who knows, I might get lucky enough to catch the spider with it's dinner.

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