Saturday, 5 March 2011

Beautiful Sunset Photos

Finally back on the computer with it all operating smoothly again but now I have some catching up to do.

I was awed by the colours in the sky on Thursday evening so grabbed the camera and took some shots to capture the magic light as it changed over a period of 10 minutes.  Of the 12 shots I took these 4 show the final stages of nature's amazing show.  All taken with the Canon 7D and 24-105 lens hand held.

This was the light by time I had got the camera and changed the lens at 7:39pm.
1/ 30 sec @ f4.0  ISO 100

 7:42pm.  Much more red in the sky.  The clouds were in three layers with the bottom layer of large grey clouds moving quickly east to west, a second whispy layer moving at a similar pace from west to east and the topmost layer virtually static.
1/30 @ f4.0  ISO 100
7:46pm.  Red is fading to blue.
1/60 @ f5.6  ISO 250

7:49pm.  The red is all but gone and the whole sky takes on a blue tinge.
1/60 @ f5.6  ISO 250

I had gone past the point where I should have used a longer shutter speed and tripod so the last shot is very noisey but I'm not trying to win a competition here, simply share the beauty of nature.

All shot in RAW format and shown as-shot apart from the last photo which had noise reduction applied.

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