Friday, 10 June 2011

A Visit to Callan Park

Went out today to see a photographic exhibition at Leichhardt.  It is the AIPP Group Show, Celebrating Women in Photography.  All the photographers are women with a large selection on show and a large variety of styles.  Most of the images were inspirational however there were a couple of images some may regard as graphic art rather than photography.  Certainly enjoyable to view but unfortunately the line between photographic art and graphic art is becoming increasingly blurred.

Following the Gallery was a visit to Callan Park which is a historic old site, originally Callan Park Hospital for the Insane which became known as Rozelle Hospital in 1994 before closing in 2008 .  Walking around looking at all the old stone buildings and gardens was very interesting, evoking thoughts of what life might have been like for those who needed the services provided and whether those who might otherwise be here as inmates are better off since it's closure.
Kirkbride complex building
Canon 7D, 24-105mm Lens @ 24mm, 1/100sec @ f/8.0, ISO 200, Hand held

It was an overcast day and the lighting was not very favourable but this added to my feelings as I walked around the grounds.  This shot was framed to include the leafless tree on the left to signify the end (death) of the original purpose for the building's existence and the potential for it to fall into disrepair and ruin, contrasted with the green tree on the right to signify a new life as the facility is put to use in the modern world which is currently as the Sydney College of the Arts, the fine arts campus of Sydney University.

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